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Norwegian Musings and Polish Thoughts

Get the Most out of the Workshop You're Taking (and Paying for)

Have you ever wanted to bring a workshop instructor to his knees?


It's easy, free, and fun -- when you enter the workshop, suspend your beliefs about how things need to be done, and follow the instructor's lead. If he says to put away your small brushes and paint with the giant one only, then do it.


If he says to put away all the blue paint and use only the red, then do it.


If he tells you to run in your skivvies out in the parking lot, then by all means bundle up in your coat and take an early lunch. Enough is enough already.


The point is, you're investing time and money to listen to this person (who could be female as well, I know; I'm just using the generic "he"), and you won't get the most of out the experience unless you consciously decide to not do things the way you always do them, and to try something different, maybe a little strange, possibly way out of your comfort range.


You don't have to continue the instructor's way of doing things once the workshop's done and you're back in your own studio, but just the process of trying a new technique -- or several techniques -- will give you something to take back and chew on.


Believe me, that attitude will knock the instructor senseless.


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