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Norwegian Musings and Polish Thoughts

Golden Sea

Sunset casts golden rays, transcending the blues and greys of Washington's Puget Sound into an orchestra of exhilirating oranges, shouting pinks, and harmonious lavendar. Could this possibly be Narnia?


Golden Sea joins a number of Steve's latest works at Steve's solo show at the Lawrence Gallery, Sheridan, OR, during July 2012.


7 Responses to Golden Sea

Joyce Durkin
Carolyn, this is a perfect example of what you were discussing. And I LOVE each and everyone of your articles - you always bring a smile to my face! HOWEVER, the Norwegian artist doesn't do this himself - he has you to do it for him. I also suspect he's not responsible for the cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, etc, involved in running a household as well. In addition, some of us have jobs outside the home as well. So while your advice has great merit, the fact is that adding a blog onto our many other chores is simply beyond us. We'd rather spend that precious space of time in the studio.

Carolyn Henderson
Joyce: You're right, running an art business is a lot of work, and in a partnership, there is a division of duties (and some are just, sort of, ignored), so that no one person is overwhelmed.

Every artist looks at his or her own life and lifestyle and makes the decisions necessary to move things forward, always remembering that, you can only do what you can do; there are 24 hours in a day; and some of those hours need to be spent sleeping!

Carolyn, Joyce - I gave up most of the cleaning and then the cooking as soon as my family learned how to handle these.

I've been a single Mom running her own business since my kids were tots and there is always a way to do something if you really, really want it. The key is really, really wanting it. I gave my kids as much responsibility as their ages allowed and while married, I gave my husband responsibility for himself and as well.

Hmmm... let's see... I can vacuum for 30 minutes or I can write a blog post. Believe me, the floor is always going to be there - clients won't.

My kids are old enough now to take care of themselves - and they know how to very well. The idea is that I don't do for anyone else what they can do for themselves. We aren't super women and we shouldn't be trying to be.

Kathy Johnson
Carolyn, I love your writing. It's always upbeat and makes me smile. I hope the Norwegian appreciates you as much as the rest of us do.

And speaking of the Norwegian -- I stopped at the Lawrence Gallery a couple of weeks ago and was blown away by the Norwegian's art! The images on the website are great, but in person they are spectacular!

David Grossmann
Carolyn, thank you for the encouragement about blogging. I recently added a blog to my website and I need all the encouragement I can find. My fledgling blog has caused me much angst but I am on my way towards conquering it.

Jean LeGassick
I was afraid to try blogging on my FASO web site-- you just convinced me that it is indeed easy (like everything else on the FASO site!). Thanks so much for the encouragement and step by step lesson!

Carolyn Henderson
Wendy: Your story is an inspiring one, and I admire you very much. I agree with you about vacuuming the floor.

Kathy: I passed your kind words on to Steve and he was most gratified. I agree -- the color and impact of his works, especially when they are all in one room, is mind blowing.

David: Angst is all part of it. Nothing worth doing is ever easy -- but that doesn't stop it from being worth doing. I hope that the day will come when you get a joyful feeling of satisfaction after writing one of your posts.

Jean: They do make it easy, don't they? FASO deserves the accolades it receives, because it is good people, doing a very good job.

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