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Child Of Eden

Child Of Eden
Oil on Panel
24 x 20
Child Of Eden by Steve Henderson Oil ~ 24 x 20
Child of Eden Original Oil Painting, 24 x 20
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Child of Eden is available as a licensed, open edition print at


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Child of Eden is available as a limited edition print at Vision Art Galleries, which provides fine art to conceal your big screen TV when it is not in use.


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The Story of This Painting


An avid gardener, Steve awaits the first radishes of spring as the harbinger of more fresh food to come. Inevitably, he plants far more radishes than any family could possibly eat, but since the garden is just outside the painting studio and Steve grazes throughout the day, he manages to keep the many varieties of radishes he plants under control.


When Steve's grandchild, Small Person, visits, Steve and Small Person spend hours together in the garden. Steve is delighted to find a companion who enjoys grazing through the garden as much as he does.


One day, Steve followed Small Person through the garden as she was collecting radishes for the family's lunch. He was struck by the innocence of a small child in a setting that we frequently associate with innocence as well -- the Garden of Eden.


"Gardens have always been places of wonder and growth," Steve says. "They are a haven of peace where we feel that we have a level of control. We can't make plants grow, but we can provide a place where they want to grow.


"There is this unique collaboration of God's hand with man's hard work, resulting in color, foliage, and food. The child in the garden is further evidence of something, someone actually, who starts impossibly small and grows into a beautiful harvest."



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