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Sunday Drive In The Wallowa Valley -- Original Oil Painting

Sunday Drive In The Wallowa Valley -- Original Oil Painting
Oil on Panel
12 x 16
Sunday Drive In The Wallowa Valley -- Original Oil Painting by Steve Henderson Oil ~ 12 x 16

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Sunday Drive in the Wallowa Mountains Original Oil, Framed

The Story of This Painting


In Sunday Drive in the Wallowa Mountains, we wander the country roads and byways of a unique area in eastern Oregon, frequently called the Swiss Alps of the Northwest.


The Wallowa Mountains loom up out of nowhere, encircling a high valley with their form and presence, offering a sense of protection, guidance, and majesty. Because of the altitude -- 5,000 feet, which we recognize isn't much by Himalayan or even Swiss Alps standards -- warm, sunny weather is a limited event of the area.


For much of the year, clouds linger about the valley, brushing the tops of the mountains and hiding them from view -- giving an illusion that the mountains are even higher than they are. Living here, amongst this stately beauty, requires a fortitude and toughness -- not to mention decent outerwear -- because if you are going to enjoy this great outdoors, you will need to think about keeping yourself warm.


But it's worth it. The Wallowa Mountains are imbued with a rich history and gracious beauty, and there is much silence. One stands, quietly, and simply views the panorama of rock and snow and ice and high fields, and thinks,

"This is a noble land, and it is a privilege to be standing in the midst of it."


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