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Ending The Day On A Good Note -- Original Oil Painting

Ending The Day On A Good Note -- Original Oil Painting
Oil on Panel
24 x 30
Ending The Day On A Good Note -- Original Oil Painting by Steve Henderson Oil ~ 24 x 30
Ending the Day on a Good Note Original Oil Painting

No matter what we do during the day to earn money for our daily bread, real life for most of us starts when we get home, kick off our shoes, and relax in the environment of our own making.

Gladys Boldman, a career woman of the 1930s and 1940s, was an associate at various high-end hotel establishments in the area. The proud owner of many, many hats, Gladys had appropriate head adornment for every occasion, whether it was at work or at a social occasion, but when she arrived home, the hat frequently came off with the shoes.

In Ending the Day on a Good Note, Gladys is in the cozy confines of the music room, where a nearby gramophone plays cheerful music to bring a smile to Gladys's face, and heart. In front of the gramophone, on the table, are some of the cylinders used to make music: songs lasted for either 2 minutes or 4, and the needle on the gramophone needed to be changed depending upon the length of the song.

The house used for this painting is the actual house where Gladys lived, moving there as a young child and living her life in its turn-of-the-century splendor until the late 199os, when she passed on and bequeathed the home and all of its contents to the local historical society. The model used for this painting works for one of the same high-end hotel establishments that Gladys did.

Time goes on. Fashion changes. And while, quite unfortunately, hats are not a part of that fashion as they were in the 1940s, people still enjoy the end of the workday, when they settle in their favorite chair, close their eyes, and say, "This time is for me."

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