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Phonograph Days -- Original Oil Painting

Phonograph Days -- Original Oil Painting
Oil on Panel
24 x 20
Phonograph Days -- Original Oil Painting by Steve Henderson Oil ~ 24 x 20
Phonograph Days -- Original Oil Painting on Panel, Framed
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About this painting: 
Music is an element of the human experience that transcends time and culture, and it is as important to the health of our souls as visual artwork. In Phonograph Days, a young woman loses herself in the swing of things -- because given the hat, and the phonograph, and the dress -- she has to be listening to jazz.
The slight smile playing across her lips betokens a wry sense of humor, and her hand on a swaying hip gives us a sense of movement and sound. In the background, a beloved piano holds sheet music -- lively as well in light of the dancing figures on the front. Atop the piano is a vintage photo of Gladys Boldman, the career woman of the 1940s upon whom this series of nostalgia paintings is based.
Home was a sanctuary for Gladys, as it is for many of us, a safe place to which to retreat after a long day -- and a full week -- of working. Behind closed doors, in the security of our middle-class castle, we listen to the music that pleases us, we sing along without worrying about people's comments, we sashay and shimmy with a sense of freedom and aplomb that we never achieve in a room full of colleagues and fellow employees.
So always should home be -- a place of acceptance, peace, happiness, and freedom where we can truly be ourselves. Then, as we practice being ourselves and realize who we really are, we can head out into the big, hostile world and remain true to ourselves, thereby encouraging others.
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