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Autumn Sail

Autumn Sail
Oil on Canvas
20 x 24
Autumn Sail by Steve Henderson Oil ~ 20 x 24
Autumn Sail Original Oil Painting with Frame


Autumn Sail is also available as a licensed, open edition art print from


Great Big Canvas


Framed Canvas Art


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The Story of the painting, Autumn Sail:


Anyone who spends any time at all outside knows that not all days are sunny and warm -- what we term "perfect." And while one does not want to go recreationally sailing on a stormy, wet, blustery day, avoiding the water because there are a few clouds in the sky, and the sun isn't blazing overhead, means that we'll miss a beauty of a different kind.


Autumn Sail catches us on just such a day: it is late in the season, and the trees are in full bloom of their final color for the year. The air is brisk, and though some rain gently falls, now and then it stops while the sun emerges from its clouds and pours golden light over the landscape -- the oranges, reds, corals, yellows, and bronze of autumn literally shout, reminding us that every season -- not just the warm summery ones -- is beautiful in its own way.


So it is with life. Some days are sunny, warm, calm and perfect, and we feel as if we could stay there forever. But time never stops, and circumstances were made to change, and without any effort on our part we find ourselves on a cool, grey day with a bit of a brisk breeze, and we think, 


"I wish it were warm and summery and calm again."


Wishing autumn were summer won't make it happen. But just because it is autumn does not mean that we cannot sail, and when we open our eyes to the unique landscape of fall, we see color and form that doesn't exist in July. Though the sunlight may be less, we appreciate it more, and when we stop wishing that it were a different time and a different place, and accept that we are in THIS particular time and place, we can look for, and appreciate, the beauty around us.


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